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Serving the Chattanooga area since 1985

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Tennessee Tub Factory

Tennessee Tub Factory is a manufacturer of Quality whirlpool bath and spas.

We specialize in custom tubs and spas.

We have several custom colors to choose from.

You can add extra jets and have them placed where they would benefit you best. Soaker tubs, Air tubs, Whirlpool tubs, and so many more options you can choose from.


We'll build them from the ground up to fit your personal needs.

How Our Products are Built

Tennessee Tub Factory is family owned & operated by the Fox Family. 


With over 30 years of experience in Manufacturing of Fox Brand Spas, Bath Tub & Showers. We build our units by hand from the Ground Up in small production runs. This allows us to customize any of our Spas/Hot Tubs, Bath Tubs & Showers to your specifications, from placement of the jets, to lights, to special system & much more. It also allow us to control the Quality to make sure you have the Strongest and The Best-Built Product on the Market. Our cabinets are built by hand with full treated frames & floors.


Features also include stain selection, real cedar, stone inlays & more.



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